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Everyone knows that a business, large or small, needs to have some sort of internet footprint these days. Our products and services are simple and flexible. They're designed to help businesses from the ground up. They can help you establish yourself on the web, or add new functionality to something you've already got.

Startup Consultancy - we come to your business and get to grips with what you are all about. Once we understand it fully, we can propose the best options to get you noticed on the web quickly.

Ongoing Consultancy - once you are up and running on the web, we can modfiy and update any of the applications or websites we've built for you, and even those we haven't built!

Website Design - we're very creative at WebMediaUK and like to try new things when designing a website. Of course if you've already got a corporate style then we can stick to that like glue aswell. Take a look at our news page to see some of the sites we've been working on lately.

Application Design - Add value to your site by making it work for you. Adding an application to your website can allow you to link data to your website in realtime and interact with your customers. An application can be anything from a forum to a full blown online shop or share trading system!

IT Support - If you're having problems with your PCs or laptops we can come to your place and fix them, or collect them and return them for free! find out more here


Open Source As the customer you don't need to bog yourself down with understanding the technologies that go into making and running a website or web application. Sometimes customers ask us which technologies we use to design and build websites, so we have come up with the list below which shows you what we use from a software point of view. We are very much an open source company, in that we believe if we can achieve the same end result with software that's free... then we will use it!

Java - The daddy of all server side languages! Java is what connects your data to your website and also it's the brains behind the content on your site.

MySQL - Most of our applications use MySQL as the database, it's free and the industry standard for most uses. We can also talk PostgreSQL and Oracle for heavyweight websites.

Ruby On Rails - This a relatively new technology that lets us build applications and clever websites in very limited time spans. It comes with a set of scripts that let us build complete applications in a few lines of code!

Adobe Creative Studio - A suite of integrated design software which we can bring our designs to life and bolt together the designs and HTML to make the website itself.

HTML - Otherwise know as Hyper Text Markup Language. This, coupled with CSS, provide the presentation aspect of whatever is on your website. Want an image to appear on the right of the page? HTML can do that for you.

PHP - All of our off the shelf software is written in PHP. It's probably the most popular language on the web at the moment. It can now do everything java can, will make your website functional and pump data onto your webpages!

Netbeans - We use netbeans to build all of our applications whether they are written in Java or PHP. It's the best IDE on the market as far as we're concerned and it's FREE!

We've just finished our latest and greatest CubeCart 4 mod! It's a payment gateway for so if you use CardSave for handling your card transactions then drop us a line and we could save you a lot of time and money. We'll give you the mod for free! so drop us a line.
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